Who We Are

Camp Scholarship Program

Donors who contribute to Kids2Camp will have 100% of their funds used to directly affect children. These funds come from corporations and individuals and are deposited into our donor advised funds at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and Arizona Community Foundation. From there, we are able to send the camp scholarship money to various charity organizations across the United States including Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and more. These organizations use the funds to send their kids to camp in the local community. Children are selected to attend by the mentors at each organization so that those who know them best know which children are most deserving of the opportunity


Every donation, big or small, is valuable to making a difference in the lives of children. By donating directly to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation or the Arizona Community Foundation, donors receive the tax benefits as well as the ease of using the foundation’s well managed system. Each donor has the opportunity to select the camp to which we send children with funds provided. Therefore, local donors are able to directly impact their community.

Our Mission

Kids2Camp provides opportunities for children in need to attend camps that offer lifelong impact and contact with positive role models. The impact groups served are at-risk youth, children with obesity challenges, children who are battling illness, and children with disabilities. We also serve the children of our military.