Our Goal

Sport Specific Instruction

Each athletic camp is staffed by local college and high school coaches who are leaders in the local community and skilled teachers of their sport and game, and each is led by a highly successful professional athlete who has risen to the top of his/her particular sport. The skill instruction is fundamentally sound, sport specific, and delivered by enthusiastic teachers of the game.

Life skills Lessons

Throughout each camp, children are reminded of and taught the powerful life skills lessons specific to success in sport and in life. Each pro shares the story of his/her rise through the ranks of sport and helps children see the value of approaching their various activities and challenges in life with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and more.

Teamwork Development

ProCamps operates camps in major cities across the United States, and Kids2Camp allows a variety of children to attend. Therefore, children in the camp come together with people from varied circumstances and backgrounds and are put into teamwork situations related to sport and life throughout the camp experience. This approach to teamwork is meaningful in that it represents the real life interactions children will have with our diverse population.

Healthy Competition

Throughout the camp experience, children are involved in healthy competition. Through games and contests, children learn to push themselves to perform at a high level and to achieve their best effort.

Focus on Sportsmanship

Camp coaches and the pro athlete model good sportsmanship throughout the camp. In addition, children receive constructive feedback and praise specific to the appropriate use of good sportsmanship.